Panic Attacks
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How Long Do Panic Attacks Last?

Sally-Anne Soameson, Psychiatrist
How Long Do Panic Attacks Last?

Panic attacks are intensely stressful anxiety attacks that are so severe with physical symptoms that some people are hospitalized, believing they have a heart attack. Panic attacks are also individualized issues that do not always follow an exact system. But panic attacks tend to go through very specific stages that may be similar for many people. So how long do panic attacks last?

Timeline is Similar - Symptoms May Be Different

Panic attacks tend to go through similar timelines, but it should be noted that the symptoms themselves are often different, and respond to how the person reacts to the episodes.

Generally panic attacks go through the following structure:

After a panic attack, the person can still be experiencing a severe rapid heartbeat, confusion, and issues concentrating for hours. Some experience depression as a result of their panic attack, and others focus on their physical symptoms so much that they feel like another attack is coming for days.

How to Stop Panic Attacks From Occurring or Shorten Them

If you suffer from panic attacks, stopping them should be your priority. There are several methods you can use to stop panic, and some of them may even shorten the duration of your panic attack or reduce its severity. Some examples include:

These are some quick tools that you can use to make sure your panic attacks are less severe. But the key is to also ensure that you are targeting your anxiety and looking for ways to cure it forever.

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