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Welcome to CalmClinic, one of the largest anxiety information websites on the internet. Here you will find information, news, and more on nearly every topic associated with anxiety, as well as information on mental health and unique treatment options. Your choice to use our website, products, and services are subject to the following Terms of Service, and your continued use of this website implies an agreement with the following terms.

Limitations of Liability

CalmClinic.com is a website about anxiety, anxiety disorders, panic disorders, and other mental health disorders. However, CalmClinic is not a replacement for professional help, nor does it bear responsibility for the claims made for the purposes of diagnosis, treatment, any and all other related liabilities.

By using CalmClinic.com, you agree that we are not liable for any loss, injury, damages, or harm (physically, mentally, spiritually or otherwise) resulting from the information presented by this website and all related websites. You agree that CalmClinic is not responsible for any errors, incorrect information, or claims made by the website, its staff, or any third party contributors, and that your choice to utilize any information presented in any form (text, video, image or otherwise) is solely your own, and that only you are liable for any legal, physical, or mental repercussions.

You agree that in no event will CalmClinic be held liable to you, your family, or anyone connected to you by any action you take on the basis of the information presented on this website or our products and services, or for any incidental, consequential, or similar damages.


This website is provided on an "as is" basis. To the fullest extent as permitted by law, CalmClinic is not to be held responsible for any injury, loss, claim, liability, or damage of any kind that results from any errors or omissions from this website, including, but not limited to: * Factual inaccuracies * Technical accuracies or inaccuracies * Typographical errors * Omissions in information whether intentional or unintentional * All other information presented on CalmClinic.com

CalmClinic does not claim that any of the information on or related to this website is correct, timely, recommended, or accurate. We also reserve the right to make changes to their content at any time, and all liabilities will continue to be waived with any new or improved content.

Not Medical Advice

All information, including medical information, is not considered to be medical advice. There is no doctor/patient relationship, no diagnosis is possible, and the content on CalmClinic is not considered a substitute for a trained psychologist or physician. CalmClinic is also not responsible, implicitly or explicitly, for your choice in anxiety treatments, therapists, treatment centers, doctors, or anyone else in the medical field, and we do not advise that you ignore or otherwise change any treatment recommendations made from a doctor, therapist, or related professional.

This site does not recommend or endorse any treatment, test, opinion, idea, procedure, herb, medicine, therapy style, or other anxiety-related information. CalmClinic is not a replacement for a medical opinion, and is not liable for any advice, facts, errors, or other information provided on this website or anything published internally or externally by CalmClinic.

CalmClinic Content Responsibility

CalmClinic.com is not responsible for any content posted on its website by users, or by any websites that link to or share CalmClinic.com content. Information presented on this site, including incoming links, outgoing links, guest posts, and other related content may not represent the beliefs of CalmClinic.com or its staff.


CalmClinic, to the best of its ability, will ensure that any and all information shared on CalmClinic will not be seen, used, or transferred to anyone without your express permission. Calm Clinic will not be share, rent, sell, or otherwise provide publically or privately any personal information, including personal data and email address, to a third party, except where necessary by law. CalmClinic is not responsible for any private information willingly shared by the user, nor is CalmClinic to be held responsible for breaches in privacy due to hacking or malice.

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This site may also use images or videos. Rights to these materials are exclusive to either CalmClinic or copyright owner. Any use of this media must be approved by written communication by CalmClinic and/or copyright owner.

Terms of Agreement

CalmClinic reserves the right to amend or alter this agreement at any time, with or without notification. Any updates are considered in effect immediately. Any updates to agreement do not supersede your waiving of all legal rights, criminal, civil or otherwise, as to the effects of the information provided by CalmClinic.

Last update: 2018, Oct 05.