About Calm Clinic - Meet the Editors

image Ryan Rivera Publisher & Founder

Ryan Rivera's life was on pause for over 7 years after he suffered from what he liked to call the "complete package." From panic attacks, severe anxiety, agoraphobia, social anxiety, and some of the most unbearable physical symptoms (headaches, neck pain, tension, diarrhea, and heart palpitations), Ryan Rivera found that his life was an intense day to day struggle.

After attempting and failing with dozens of different types of anxiety treatments, including anxiety medications and therapeutic practices, he reached a tipping point where he decided he was going to commit to making his life better and overcoming these emotional problems.

Ryan soon found that he was able to make huge leaps towards eliminating his anxiety and living a fulfilling life. His successes inspired him to provide resources to help others that are also suffering from severe anxiety, and show them that there really is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Calm Clinic was founded on the idea that knowledge is power, and Ryan continues to dedicate himself towards providing information designed to help others permanently overcome their anxiety issues while bringing greater awareness to what it's like to live with constant anxiety.

image Rachel Ramos Editor

As a Calm Clinic editor and former agoraphobic, Rachel Ramos strongly believes that everyone can learn to live well and find contentment in their life both emotionally and physically. She believes the ability to achieve balance at work, at home, and in all of your relationships.

Rachel provides motivation, inspiration, fresh ideas, and comprehensive solutions for living well. She uses her own personal experiences as a professional, editor, wife, and mother to provide tools for others to overcome their emotional adversities.

Her articles on panic and anxiety have been read by thousands of women suffering from mild to severe anxiety and mental health issues. Rachel's strategies for overcoming anxiety have encouraged people to think outside the box, step outside their comfort zones, live in the moment, and learn how to face their limitations and live life to the fullest.

Rachel provides thought provoking information along with tips and tools for living a great life – one that's filled with happiness and wonder. Through her work, women (and men) everywhere are helping to learn what it takes to overcome anxiety and find fulfillment in the world around them.

Why Do We Do This?

Anxiety is a misunderstood condition, and these misunderstandings have caused millions of those living with anxiety to fear their symptoms and struggle to overcome relief. Those that have not experienced anxiety think of it like healthy anxiousness - after all, anxiety at its core is actually an important emotion. It keeps you safe at times of danger and prepares you for fighting or fleeing.

That's caused anxiety to be looked at through the lens of healthy anxiousness, like the type you experience before a test in school, a meeting with your boss, or when you're going up to talk to someone cute for the first time. You experience the standard anxiety symptoms:

  • Pounding heart
  • Sweaty palms
  • Mild nausea

… and so on. That's healthy anxiety.

Anxiety disorders are very different, and far more troubling. Anxiety disorders aren't just some mild physical sensations. They're a combination of mental and physical symptoms that in some cases can become overwhelming. In fact, the symptoms of anxiety can be so powerful that they cause people to fear their anxiety every day.

The Mental Symptoms

Everyone knows that anxiety causes worry. But what you may not know is that anxiety can cause images of yourself doing horrific things, beliefs that you're losing your mind or going crazy, or the sudden feeling that at that very moment you're about to die.

Anxiety changes the way you think to become more negative, forces you to focus on ideas that cause distress, and may even make you worry every day about issues that you know are completely irrational. Anxiety isn't just worries - it's a complete change to your thought process.

The Physical Symptoms

But perhaps the area most lacking in information is the physical symptoms - and there are a LOT of them. The physical symptoms of anxiety are profoundly misunderstood, and mimic very serious health problems including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, brain tumors, coronary artery disease, and more.

Google any symptom and the term "anxiety" and you get nothing but forums asking if others have the same experience, and panicking over the idea that something may be horribly wrong. Google just the symptoms themselves and you don't see anxiety at all - you see terrible diseases that cause you even further anxiety.

Anxiety causes nearly every type of physical problem imaginable - from chest pains, to brain fog, to firing leg nerves and more. And yet few people that suffer from these symptoms know that they're struggling from anxiety, and those that do often find it difficult to track down any information or verification that these are actual anxiety symptoms.

You're Why We Do This

This represents the unfortunate reality of living with anxiety, and this is why we've created Calm Clinic. Both Ryan Rivera and Rachel Ramos struggled for years with intense anxiety, and no one understood what they were dealing with. So they decided to create a website that actually helps people - a website that informs, and a website to help others realize they're not alone.

That's why Calm Clinic was started, and that's why it continues to grow every day.