About Calm Clinic - Meet the Editors

Calm Clinic was founded on the idea that knowledge is power, and we continue providing information designed to help others permanently overcome their anxiety issues while bringing greater awareness to what it's like to live with constant anxiety. We are dedicated to provide information that is only up to the highest scientific standards.

Medical Reviewers

Alexandra Richards, DClinPsy

Alexandra Richards completed a doctorate (DClinPsy) in Clinical Psychology at Canterbury Christ Church University in 2014. Prior to this she completed a BSc in Experimental Psychology at the University of Bristol.

She practices in the United Kingdom in both the National Health Service and independent practice. Her particular specialism is in connections between mind and body, working with the psychological impact of long-term health conditions and the ways that emotional distress can be held and expressed in the body. She has worked in a range of services including neuro-rehabilitation, neuropsychiatry, sexual health and medically unexplained symptoms. Her therapeutic approach is eclectic, drawing on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Psychodynamic Therapy. She has a specialist interest in working with LGBTQ+ individuals.

Outside of her clinical work, Alexandra enjoys writing. She has published academic articles on neuropsychology and sexuality, and has also written a number of blog posts and online articles relating to mental and physical health. She is active in campaigning for disability and LGBTQ+ rights. Out of work she enjoys weight-training, yoga, live music and spending time with her family.

her private practice.

Daniel Sher, Clinical Psychologist

Daniel Sher is a registered clinical psychologist, practicing in Cape Town, South Africa. Having received his training at the University of Cape Town, Daniel subsequently worked and received training Health at various psychiatric and district-level hospitals, as well as community health centers within Cape Town.

His professional interests include psychodynamic therapy, cognitive-behavioral interventions, neuropsychology and neuro-psychoanalysis. A life-long Type 1 Diabetic himself, Daniel is passionate about providing coaching and psychological interventions for people with diabetes. Daniel is also a passionate writer and researcher, having contributed to several online mental health publications and published within the South African Journal of Psychology. When he’s not working, Daniel enjoys surfing, martial arts, meditation and travel.

Daniel's academic work.

Denise Griswold, MSc, Substance Abuse and Clinical Counseling

Denise Marie Griswold earned her Master’s of Science in Substance Abuse and Clinical Counseling from East Carolina University in 2014. Since this time she has worked primarily with dually diagnosed populations in residential treatment.

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Faiq Shaikh, M.D.

A clinical physician & researcher in Medical imaging, trained at UNC. He has several years of experience in clinical imaging of neurological and cancer imaging, and has written many scientific papers in this space.

He is also fellowship-trained in Medical informatics. He has been awarded as the distinguished fellow of Medical ethics by AMEBI, and wrote on Ethical considerations of Neuropsychiatric imaging. He has a deep understanding of neuropsychiatric conditions and explores new avenues to detect and monitor them.

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Jenna Jarrold, M.S., LAC, NCC

Jenna received her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from University of Phoenix. She is a Licensed Associate Counselor (LAC) and Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC). Jenna has worked in the mental health field for over six years, in both residential and outpatient settings. She has worked with individuals struggling with a range of concerns (depression, anxiety, relationship issues, gender identity concerns, PTSD, trauma, eating disorders) and has experience with individual, group, couples, and family work.

Jenna has a zeal for helping others. Using an integrative and holistic approach, she helps each client build upon their unique and individualized strengths, rather than solely focusing on the presenting problem. Jenna considers herself an advocate for her clients, and approaches each person with openness, acceptance, and honesty.

In her free time, Jenna explores her passions for travel, art, animals, reading, and writing.

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Victoria LeBlanc, MS, LCPC

Victoria is a Master’s level Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy. She was trained at Montana State University and moved on to specialize in work with at-risk youth, trauma, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, depression, anxiety, and co-occurring disorders. She was formerly the Program Director for 2 adolescent group homes and is now teaching online as an Adjunct Professor. She also volunteers her time with Attachment Parenting International.

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Vivian Okirie, M.D.

Dr. Vivian Okirie is a Resident Physician at UT Health Science Center at Houston in Internal Medicine. Although new to the city, she has quickly grown warm to the Texas flare she encounters from her patients on a daily basis. The combination of being a Morehouse School of Medicine graduate, being raised in Alabama, and retaining her Nigerian culture has cultivated her passion of working in typically underserved populations with compassion and grace.

Vivian serves as a Freelance Editor in addition to Content Creator of a medical social media platform (@thenaijadoc) that works to educate the public on the journey from medical school to residency.

Vivian enjoys fitness, traveling, trying new recipes, and having random thought provoking conversations with strangers (who become friends). Please feel free to contact me via any the included outlets.

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Wendy M Yoder, Ph.D. Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience

Wendy Yoder received her Ph.D. in Behavioral Neuroscience from the University of Florida. Prior to graduate school, she earned a B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Philosophy. She has authored numerous publications in academic journals such as Neurobiology of Aging, Chemical Senses and Attention, Perception & Psychophysics.

Currently, she works as a neuroscience consultant and grant writer in fields ranging from pharmacology to military biotechnology. In addition to neuroscience, she has taught courses in cognitive psychology, microbiology, sensory physiology and anatomy. Her primary specialization is behavioral physiology. In her spare time, she reads classic literature, jokes around a lot and dresses her cats in ridiculous clothes.

More about Wendy: linkedin, twitter and ResearchGate.

Editorial Team

Micah Abraham, BSc Psychology

Micah is the lead content writer and editor for CalmClinic and has been a part of the CalmClinic team since early 2011. As a graduate of the University of Washington, Micah received a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology with additional graduate coursework in intelligence and addictive behaviors.

His original plan was to achieve an advanced degree in clinical psychology and he was accepted into a master’s program at Columbia University. But a series of events led him to pursue a passion for writing. CalmClinic provides both an outlet for his writing, and a chance to create content about a topic that is true to his background.

Today, he continues to be deeply engaged with the CalmClinic team and is focused on creating a research-based resource that is simple enough for those without a psychology background.