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Anxiety Recovery Tips and Strategies

Faiq Shaikh, M.D.
Anxiety Recovery Tips and Strategies

Anxiety is a troubling condition and one that rarely goes away on its own. Anxiety is too complicated to simply wish away, and in some cases, you may find that your anxiety fuels itself. The more you have anxiety, the more you fear the anxiety symptoms, and the more anxiety you have later. Recovering from that anxiety is the only way to provide yourself a better quality of life.

Anxiety recovery is a two-step process. The first step is learning what to do to overcome your anxiety. The second step is what to do to keep your anxiety from coming back.

Anxiety Recovery Starts with Your Symptoms

There are many different types of anxiety, and anxiety can affect people in very different ways. While there are several specific, practical approaches to reducing anxiety, your symptoms play a very important role in what works and what doesn't. 

Because anxiety is such a broad area, and because no two people's anxiety manifests itself in the same way, there are many different approaches that need to be taken to overcome it. But the following are some of the options that can help you recover from your anxiety:

There are also many relaxation strategies that you can try, along with behavioral training and coping mechanisms.

What to Do After You Recover

Of course, once you've reduced your anxiety you're going to have to maintain it. That is a part of recovery as well – the ability to control future anxiety and ensure that you're preventing it from coming back.

A large part of maintaining your anxiety gains is about realistic expectations, using what you've learned, and the mindset you have after you recover. Consider the following:

Exercise, healthy eating, avoiding stressful activities – these are all parts of continuing a mentally healthy lifestyle. Recovery doesn't just end when you cure your anxiety. You also need to make sure that you continue those gains as long as possible.

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