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Find Out About the Causes of Teenage Anxiety

Micah Abraham, BSc
Find Out About the Causes of Teenage Anxiety

For most people, anxiety and adolescence go hand in hand. Adolescence is a time of change: bodily change, mental change, changing relationships with friends and parents, changing goals, interests, hopes, and dreams. Accompanying all of these changes is a potential for anxiety.

This article will discuss the many potential causes of anxiety, the common types of anxiety teens and the signs and symptoms to watch for, and the safest treatments for teenage anxiety.

Potential Causes of Teenage Anxiety

There are many potential causes of anxiety in teens, and often they influence each other. Narrowing it down to any one cause may sometimes be oversimplifying something that's otherwise very complicated. In addition, treating this type of anxiety has a lot to do with understanding how your anxiety works.

It should be noted that not all causes of anxiety in teens are related to being a teenager. You can find a complete list of causes as part of our anxiety guide. Genetics can cause anxiety, as can life experiences, as can many other factors.

Once again, this is why anxiety is too complex to simplify into a specific issue, and it may be important not to box your teen in based on their age.

However, teens do go through issues that can lead to anxiety. Some of the major potential causes of teenage anxiety are listed below.

Teens have quite a number of reasons to feel the angst they are so famous for, and that angst is often rooted in anxiety. This doesn't even include smaller reasons like difficulty in school, trouble meeting new people, college prep stressors, high school fashion and "growing up," and so much more.

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