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Nutrition for Anxiety: An Anti Anxiety Diet?

Denise Griswold, MSc, LCAS
Nutrition for Anxiety: An Anti Anxiety Diet?

While your diet is unlikely to cause you to develop anxiety, for those who already suffer from an anxiety disorder could benefit from making dietary changes. Certain foods are known to help nourish the body and relieve feelings of distress while others can cause changes in the body that may lead to anxiety increasing.

What you eat affects how you feel and if you have anxiety if affects the severity of your anxiety. It stands to reason that changing your diet to one that is full of foods that help reduce anxiety while limiting those that increase anxiety can be a valuable part of treating your anxiety symptoms.

How to Create An Anti-Anxiety Diet

We have all heard recommendations about healthy eating and may have even resolved at certain times during our lives to eat healthier. However, many of us do not know what exactly it means to eat healthier. Here we will look at some of the foods that increase anxiety symptoms as well as some that can help to decrease anxiety symptoms. 

You can start by avoiding foods that may contribute to your anxiety symptoms. It is recommended to limit consumption of the following: 

Avoiding these foods is will not cure anxiety, but they may provide some relief. If your diet consists mostly of these items you will likely notice more significant results. 

Foods to Eat That Weaken Your Anxiety

There are several foods that may reduce your anxiety symptoms. Remember, healthy eating leads to healthy hormonal functioning, which leads to an improved sense of well-being. So the better you eat, the more likely it is that your anxiety will be more mild. 

Eating these foods won’t cure your anxiety, but they may reduce your anxiety symptoms and make it easier for an effective anxiety treatment to work. Eating healthy does have an effect on your ability to handle anxiety, so altering your diet to include healthier foods is important.

Creating a Diet to Improve Anxiety - And More

Anxiety isn't directly caused by diet, but your diet is a contributing factor to both the experience and the severity. Since eating a healthier diet is also important for your health and your self-esteem, changing your diet when you suffer from anxiety can provide many benefits. In addition to changing your diet, you should work to learn how to manage your anxiety.

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