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How to Find the Best Anxiety Treatment Center

Suffering from anxiety is immensely difficult. It's also unnecessary, since anxiety is a very treatable condition. Unfortunately, millions still live with anxiety for three reasons:

  • Not everyone seeks treatment.
  • Not everyone uses an effective treatment.
  • Not everyone sticks with an effective treatment.

An often forgotten problem is the last point, and it occurs because most anxiety treatments lack one important quality: accountability. That's why an anxiety treatment center is a popular choice for those that are looking to cure their anxiety.

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Anxiety Treatment Centers are a New Feature

Anxiety is often considered a "manageable" condition. It greatly impairs a person's quality of life, but millions of people still go about their lives despite their anxiety. That's why anxiety treatment centers are relatively uncommon. To see a chart of how severe your anxiety is, take my anxiety test now.

Anxiety is absolutely a struggle, but because people can live through it, many people don't seek out the treatment they need. So anxiety treatment centers are relatively rare, and only came to exist in the past several decades. Many of them also combine their anxiety care with other mental health disorders, like mood disorders (depression).

What Are Anxiety Treatment Centers?

These centers are each different. Some use empirically validated methods of relieving anxiety. Others try more alternative methods. Many of them are also wellness retreats, where a person can vacation at the center and receive both anxiety treatment and a general relaxation period.

Examples of some of the most well-known anxiety treatment centers in the United States include:

  • The Anxiety Treatment Center - Sacramento, CA
  • Panic/Anxiety Recovery Center - Chicago, IL
  • Hudson Valley Center for Cognitive Therapy - New York, NY
  • Discover Ranch - Mapleton, UT (Teens Only)
  • Remuda Ranch - Wickenburg, AZ

Many people prefer to attend a local anxiety treatment center, and generally they can be found with a quick search. However, do extensive research about what the center entails. Many of them use experts in clinical psychology with experience in cognitive behavioral and exposure therapy. Many others use non-experts providing placebo treatments. It's important that you review each center's philosophies and strategies before enrolling.

It's important to note that some treatment centers are nothing more than offices for psychotherapists, so do your research thoroughly. The term itself is used somewhat haphazardly.

How Much Do Anxiety Treatment Centers Cost?

Anxiety treatment centers can be very expensive, costing thousands of dollars by the time you've left the program. The initial assessment alone often costs anywhere from $350 to $500, and the hourly fees for individual and group therapy may be $150 to $400 per hour. Additional fees apply for lodging.

Anxiety treatment centers provide much needed accountability and aren't a bad choice. Many of them use very effective programs, and by attending the center, it's much more likely that you'll utilize the services. But they are inherently expensive. It's never a bad idea to talk to a local therapist first, and consider at home treatments as well to see if you can manage your anxiety without the costs.

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Author: Micah Abraham, BSc Psychology, last updated Sep 28, 2017.

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