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How Anxiety Can Cause Sore Eyes

Faiq Shaikh, M.D.
How Anxiety Can Cause Sore Eyes

Anxiety - a common condition affecting nearly 20% of Americans and millions more around the world - also has its own vision symptoms. One of the most common is sore eyes, which can be both caused by anxiety and a secondary symptom to other anxiety issues.

The Causes of Vision Issues From Anxiety

Sore eyes may not seem like it should be an anxiety symptom. But there are literally hundreds of anxiety symptoms that don't seem to fall under the idea that people have of "anxiety." 

Anxiety doesn't specifically make your eyes sore. What it does do is increase the likelihood of making your eyes stressed, which in turn leads to soreness. It can do this in any number of ways:

These are just a few of the ways that anxiety may cause eye soreness. Another thing to remember is that when you have anxiety, you're also more prone to noticing every single discomfort you feel in your body. Your mind becomes so attuned to the way you feel that any soreness, even if it's normal, is noticed immediately, and when you focus on these types of aches and pains it's not uncommon for them to feel more severe than they normally would.

Since eye strain is pretty common these days, experiencing some eye soreness in your day to day life is common even if you don't have anxiety. If you also are more sensitive to your soreness and discomfort, it's going to feel far more severe.

Ways to Reduce Eye Soreness From Anxiety

Attacking this eye soreness starts by simply addressing the causes within your control. That means first going to an eye doctor and making sure your vision is in the best of health and getting a good night's sleep to reduce any normal eye strain. You should also:

Using these strategies you should be able to decrease some of the strain you place on your eyes on a regular basis, which in theory should reduce at least some of the eye soreness you experience. It won't stop all of the effects of anxiety, since these strategies are not designed for anxiety, but it should decrease some of the instances of eye strain. You'll still need to reduce your anxiety directly.

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