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Anxiety And Shock Symptoms

Sally-Anne Soameson, Psychiatrist
Anxiety And Shock Symptoms

The strangest symptoms of anxiety are the ones that often cause the most distress. It's not uncommon to have symptoms that are so unusual they cause you to fear for your health, which unfortunately increases your anxiety.

One of these symptoms is the experience of shock. For some people it's like they suddenly got electrocuted. For others it's like the nerves on part of their body are activated for strange reasons. It's possible that these symptoms are caused specifically by your anxiety.

How Anxiety May Cause Shock

Shock symptoms are very different than "going into shock." Going into shock is a medical term for a rapid loss of blood pressure, and you are at severe risk of injury or death.

Anxiety doesn't have this problem. What anxiety does have are intermittent feelings of "shock" as though electric bolts are passing through your body. They're a part of many anxiety disorders, especially panic disorder. 

While some people feel their entire body experiences a shock all at once, most people have it in only specific areas, like the legs or the hands. For some people this is a bit more intense and seems to happen very quickly. Others experience a feeling that resembles nerves firing and makes a part of the body feel like something is going wrong.

What Causes Shock?

What's causing these types of sensations is not entirely clear. Many people experience them, but the symptoms themselves are often very tough to describe, and it's possible that those experiencing shock may be talking about different things. But it's important to remember all of the ways that anxiety affects you, and it's easy to see why these might occur:

It's also important to remember that anxiety also makes you notice every sensation your body has, and so in some cases these sensations you're having may be normal, but anxiety causes them to be more noticeable and feel abnormal.

How to Control Shocks From Anxiety

Taking control of these anxiety shocks is difficult, but not impossible. In the end, the only way to rid yourself of the symptoms is to control your anxiety, but in the interim you can try:

Beyond that, you're simply going to need to start taking your anxiety more seriously and take the necessary steps to cure it.

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