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5 Strategies for Instant Anxiety Relief

Millions and millions of people suffer from anxiety, and yet according to statistics less than 50% of those with anxiety seek help, and less than 30% of that 50% seek what's known as "minimally adequate treatment."

So the fact that you've even been looking for anxiety relief tips gives you the upper hand over the majority of those with anxiety. But relief itself is more than just words on a page. The following are several strategies for anxiety relief that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

How Severe is Your Anxiety?

Anxiety relief requires fully understanding your anxiety severity. Our free 7-minute anxiety test will give you your anxiety score, compare its severity to others, and recommend appropriate treatments.

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How to Stop Your Anxiety Naturally

Word of warning, however - there isn't anything that truly stops all anxiety instantly. Anyone that promises otherwise is lying. Even medications take two weeks or more to work, and cognitive behavioral therapy - the most effective therapy available - can take months. Anything that promises instant relief is likely a scam or based on fake science. Take my free 7-minute anxiety test to find a better solution.

But what can you do to get some anxiety relief now? For that, consider the following:

  1. Start Jogging Easily the most important thing you can do is start exercising. Numerous studies have shown that inactivity can cause and contribute to anxiety, and that exercise itself releases hormones and chemicals in your brain that improve mood and promote relaxation. Exercise also makes it harder for your body to experience intense anxiety symptoms. Overall, jogging is one of the best things you can do for anxiety relief.
  2. Magnesium (Maybe) Most natural methods of relieving anxiety are probably placebo. Homeopathy is literally just glorified water. Most herbs probably do nothing to the body, despite what people claim. But there is some evidence that magnesium - a naturally occurring vitamin - can decrease anxiety symptoms. Talk to your doctor about trying magnesium supplements and magnesium-rich foods to see if it makes any difference.
  3. Distract Your Senses Staying out of your mind is very important with anxiety. Stress relief is a muscle, and one of the ways you strengthen that muscle is to distract yourself from your anxiety and your stresses. That's why it's very important that you stay as busy as possible when you're dealing with anxiety. You want to make sure that you keep your mind off your anxiety with stress-free activities and time with friends and people, as the less you're out of your head, the easier time your mind will have combatting your anxiety symptoms.
  4. Have An Anxiety Disaster Plan When you're suffering from anxiety, you need to have something you can do to take your mind off of it immediately. That's often easier said than done, of course, but consider having someone you can call when you have anxiety, some music you can listen to that is exciting and happy, and some podcasts or television shows that always make you laugh. Find things that you know help reduce your anxiety and do them immediately when your anxiety is bothering you. The less you're affected by anxiety, the less you'll fear it, and the better it will be for you in the long term.
  5. Start Journaling Another interesting strategy that can be very effective for controlling anxiety is journaling. Journaling is the act of writing out any thoughts (whether they're stressful or not) on a piece of paper or in a journal. Your mind is known to relax when it knows that your thoughts are in one permanent place, giving you an opportunity to experience less anxiety over the thoughts of the day.

At first glance, these may not look that complicated. But you'd be surprised how powerful an effect they can have on your overall anxiety levels, and may provide you with some of the instant anxiety relief you need.

But no matter what, you'll still need to address your overall anxiety with a more comprehensive strategy that will teach you how to control your anxiety and keep it from coming back.

That's why those looking for anxiety relief need to strongly consider taking my free 7-minute anxiety test now. The test will show you how to reduce your anxiety at home and get real relief from your anxiety symptoms.

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