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What to Do When Eye Floaters Cause Anxiety

Sally-Anne Soameson, Psychiatrist
What to Do When Eye Floaters Cause Anxiety

When something seems to be wrong with your body, it can help you feel anxious. Your eyes are are sensory organs, and the thought of going blind or developing vision problems can be terrifying.

Eye floaters are translucent shapes that float across your vision in the form of wiggly lines,web shapes or dots which sit on top of a solid background color. But what are they really, and what can you do to keep them from causing you anxiety?

Questions You May Have About Floaters

One of the most important things to remember is that one of the symptoms of anxiety is over analysing every day thoughts. For example, someone without anxiety wakes up with back pain, stretches and ignores it, however, someone with anxiety when they waken up with back pain, worry they may have hurt their back and may think that anxiety may also have caused it, etc.

If you're worried about eye floaters see an eye doctor. 

When floaters are making you anxious, there are probably a few questions that run through your head. These answers will hopefully help you to feel calmer about their existence.

How to Treat Eye-Floaters and Floater Anxiety

Fortunately, eye floaters are not dangerous, and are rarely severe enough to cause vision problems. When floaters are this severe, a procedure called a “vitrectomy” is performed to remove as much of the floater as possible. While these procedures are usually successful, complications can include more serious eye problems such as cataracts and optic nerve damage.

Mild floaters are frequently invisible, except when you happen to be staring at a monochromatic background or when they catch the light in bright sunlight. To stop thinking and worrying about your eye floaters, try the following tips:

Eye floaters themselves can’t hurt you, but worrying about them too much can. Keeping yourself busy, as well as healthy in body and mind, can be a great help in overcoming your eye floater anxiety.

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