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Can a Wrist Band Help You Control Your Anxiety?

Anxiety is such a common condition that many "experts" have developed theories for how to treat anxiety that are simply designed to take advantage of you in your desperate condition. There are lots of examples of products that people try to sell you on that are simply ineffective. They claim to help with anxiety, but they ultimately do nothing. At best, they cure your anxiety through the placebo effect.

But there's an interesting anxiety reduction strategy that sounds far out there, as though it couldn't possibly work. Yet it's not a product at all. It goes by many different names, but it's essentially called the "wristband" technique, and it can actually help many people control their overall anxiety levels.

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A Wrist Band? For Anxiety?

An anxiety wrist band is not an anxiety treatment. It's not some new age treatment like those magnets that people put on their arms to reduce stress. In fact, it doesn't have to be a wrist band at all. Many people use rubber bands, or hair bands. Anything that can go on your wrists can potentially provide the same benefits.

If you want strategies to permanently prevent anxiety from coming back, you should take my anxiety test. But what these wrist band treatments do is provide you with a tool that you can use as a reminder for how to control your anxiety.

Living in Your Own Head

One of the major issues that affects those with anxiety is this feeling that they're inside of their own head. They feel like they're unable to experience the world, and that they're so lost in thought that they cannot seem to focus on enjoying life.

The wristband anxiety treatment is designed to take you out of your own head and snap you back into reality. It's a reminder piece designed to get you to stop over-thinking and prevent anxiety from getting worse. You use the technique as follows:

  • Pick a rubber band or elastic wrist band - it must be able to snap.
  • Make sure you choose one that you are willing to wear every day.
  • Decide what you want to say to yourself or remember. For example:
    *   "I am not going to let anxiety control me."
    *   "Nothing is wrong with me. My anxiety causes me to feel this way."
    *   You can also try to remember how to overcome your anxiety like slowing down your breathing.
  • Snap the rubber band against your wrist 3 times. It may sting a little.
  • Repeat what you want to remember as you're snapping it.

Then, any time you have anxiety, you snap it back and repeat to yourself what you need to remember, whether it's the affirmation or the tips for overcoming your panic attack or anxiety.

How Do These Wrist Band Treatments Work?

These wristbands and rubber bands are not doing anything magical. They're not claiming to be able to suck your anxiety out or change your spirit. They have nothing to do with "toxins." What they are is the type of reminder that those with anxiety need in order to help overcome their symptoms.

Living with anxiety requires far too much thinking. These rubber bands, and the little bit of pain that snapping them back on your arm causes, help bring you back to reality so that your thoughts are not causing you to feel like things around you are crashing. They are a great tool to remind you of something you need to remember, and they're nondescript - meaning they're one of the few anxiety treatments that few others will be able to notice, and they can be done almost anywhere.

Anxiety wrist bands can be made yourself and are a great tool for associating yourself with a stress free idea. The more you bring yourself out of your own head, the easier time you'll have coping with your anxiety.

Of course, these elastic wristbands are not an anxiety cure. They're more of a relaxation strategy. Combine with smart anxiety treatments and you'll be able to rid yourself of your anxiety forever.

If you haven't taken my anxiety test yet, you'll want to take it now. The test is there to look at your symptoms and teach you other tools for curing your anxiety.

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Author: Micah Abraham, BSc Psychology, last updated Sep 28, 2017.

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