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How Anxiety May Cause Cold Feet

Faiq Shaikh, M.D.
How Anxiety May Cause Cold Feet

Cold feet may be the term for those that are anxious on their wedding day, but it's also a very real physical issue that people deal with constantly. In fact, cold feet is one of the most forgotten types of anxiety symptoms, and yet it really is something that can be caused simply because you're living with greater levels and anxiety.

In this article, we'll explore some of the causes of cold feet and their potential solutions - beyond simply wearing socks.

Types of Anxiety and Cold Feet

Anxiety is a comprehensive condition. 

But while cold feet aren't a primary anxiety symptom, they are a very real one. Many people seem to deal with cold feet as a result of their anxiety, and that can make things like sleeping and relaxing around the house much more uncomfortable.

Ways Anxiety Causes Cold Feet

Anxiety actually creates a feeling of cold feet in many different ways. It's not as simple as anxiety simply taking heat away from your heat. In fact, cold feet can be caused by a host of different issues, including:

These are all potential reasons that your feet may be freezing from anxiety, and any one of them can play a role in why your feet feel colder now than they did in the past.

How to Overcome Cold Feet

Whether you're feeling cold feet from anxiety or cold feet because it's cold in your home, the best way to warm them up is with socks, shoes, or improving the heat around you. Taking a warm shower seems to be very helpful in this regard as well.

The only true way to make sure that your cold feet don't continue to bother you is, of course, by making sure you stop experiencing the anxiety that causes them in the first place.

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