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Skin Color Changes Caused By Anxiety

Micah Abraham, BSc
Skin Color Changes Caused By Anxiety

The hormones released by anxiety affect every organ in the body, and your largest and most sensitive organ isn't your heart or your lungs or your kidneys - it's your skin.

So it should come as little surprise that your skin can easily be  affected by anxiety, and in some cases these may cause skin color  changes. Don't worry, you won't be turning green any time soon, but in  this article we'll explore some of the basic skin discolorations from  anxiety, what they mean, and what to do about it.

Examples of Skin Color Problems

Massive skin discolorations are rare, if they happen at all. There  are some reports that stress and anxiety can cause liver dysfunction,  which may lead to jaundice (a yellowing of the skin), but most skin  problems are going to be fairly minor and not necessarily mean that  there is any type of underlying skin problem.

The types of skin color changes most commonly related to anxiety are as follows:

Anxiety doesn't appear to cause any dramatic changes to your skin  color. You're not going to turn blue or purple. But some degree of skin  color change is normal with anxiety and stress, especially under extreme  anxiety like during a panic attack.

Treating Stress First Can Improve Skin Color and Reduce Anxiety

Your skin is extremely sensitive to stress. Many people also find  that when their skin is noticeably different, they feel more  self-conscious and embarrassed, which unfortunately creates more  anxiety.

The good news is that sensitivity can go the opposite way as well.  When you start treating your anxiety, your skin will quickly go back to  normal - sometimes before your anxiety has been defeated. 

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