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Is Picamilon Effective For Anxiety?

Picamilon is a fascinating anxiety drug. Some people use it to combat anxiety. Others use it for a host of other reasons, including:

  • Migraine Headaches
  • Brain Blood Flow
  • Open Gland Glaucoma

It's considered safe for use and many people report positive benefits. But does Picamilon really work? And what is it anyway?

No Medicine is a Cure

Neither Picamilon nor any other medicine is an anxiety cure. All of them only act as temporary ways to dull anxiety until you stop taking the medication. That's why it's so important to partner any medication with some type of anxiety treatment. Take my free 7 minute anxiety test to find out the best cures for your anxiety.

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Picamilon Should Never Be the Only Treatment

Picamilon isn't a common anxiety drug. That's because in the US, it's not an anxiety drug at all. It's marketed as a vitamin supplement, despite the fact that it is used as a prescription drug in Russia.

Like all other anxiety drugs, Picamilon is not a cure. It's believed to be a temporary solution. That's why you need to take my anxiety test before reading onward, to find out what else you can do to cure your anxiety.

Introduction to Picamilon

When someone struggles with anxiety, they generally have low levels of gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that is believed to improve relaxation. GABA supplements are supposed to improve relaxation, but studies have shown that they fail to cross the blood-brain barrier, and any neurotransmitter drug that cannot cross the blood-brain barrier is unlikely to have any effect on your mood.

Picamilon is believed to be the solution to this problem. Researchers combined GABA with niacin (vitamin B3) which can cross the blood brain barrier. This, in theory, allows Picamilon to increase GABA in the brain and provide the calming and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) benefits that many people seek.

Effects of Picamilon

Picamilon is not believed to be a powerful anxiety drug. It's generally used for regulation of mild to moderate anxiety. Despite how severe anxiety can feel most people do deal with mild to moderate anxiety, and in that sense Picamilon may also be used for those under intense stress that do not qualify for a diagnosis.

What the Science Says

You should never, under any circumstances, take any supplement or drug without a doctor's supervision, especially a supplement like Picamilon which is sold as a prescription medication in some areas of the world.

This may be especially important for Picamilon, because there is a serious lack of research into this anxiety supplement. Nearly no studies have been completed in the United States, and studies in Russia rarely focused on the drug's anti-anxiety effects. While thousands of people use Picamilon and report success, there is almost no research to backup the claims.

Similarly, there are several conflicting reports of what Picamilon provides. Most unsubstantiated reports claim that Picamilon:

  • Helps promote relaxation.
  • Increases energy.

This idea is fairly strange, because those two descriptions often conflict. It's hard to feel more energized when you're also relaxed, and this supports the idea that Picamilon may be more of a placebo than an actual drug for anxiety.

However, that is not to say that no research has been completed. Several studies in Russia have labeled Picamilon as an effective drug for anxiety. It should be noted, however, that these studies were performed on animals - mostly cats and mice. This increases the likelihood that the drugs have an effect (mice and cats are less prone to placebo) but also indicates that Picamilon may not be as valuable for human beings. Also, there is more than one type of anxiety disorder, and Picamilon has not been tested on generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, or any other anxiety problem.

A lack of testing does not mean that it doesn't work, however. It simply means that it's difficult to say. Generally, when using any psychiatric drug, evidence is the key to ensuring you're taking a drug or supplement that is safe and going to provide you with less anxiety. Absent of evidence, it is difficult to recommend Picamilon.

Side Effects of Picamilon

The good news is that research has found few side effects of Picamilon, just as there have been few side effects of other GABA related supplements in the past. Some have reported trouble sleeping, and some have reported nausea or headaches, but these are standard side effects that are linked to nearly every supplement and drug on the market.

Until you know how Picamilon affects you, it's a good idea to avoid any dangerous activities since GABA is believed to cause drowsiness. You should also never take Picamilon without a doctor's permission, especially if you are on any other medications.

Is Picamilon Worth a Try?

Without scientific evidence, it is difficult to recommend Picamilon. You should never leave your anxiety to chance, and it is generally a bad idea to take any supplement or drug that doesn't have support from scientific journals.

That said, Picamilon does have several things going for it that may be worth considering:

  • It is believed to be side effect free, indicating there is little risk in attempting it with your doctor's permission.
  • If the GABA really does cross the blood brain barrier when combined with niacin, there is reason to believe that it could have an effect on relaxation, since GABA does promote relaxation and better mood.
  • Studies in animal populations have indicated a mild anxiolytic effect, and these studies appear to be well conducted. Most research into GABA has shown similar benefits for both animals and people.

For these reasons, if your doctor approves, Picamilon may still be worth a try. But like any anxiety medication - especially one that doesn't have research supporting its use - it should never be taken alone. Always combine any anxiety drug or supplement with a non-medicinal treatment so that you can prevent future anxiety rather than simply dulling your current anxiety.

I've worked with hundreds of people that have tried anxiety supplements and drugs like Picamilon. To provide you with an effective non-medicinal solution, take my anxiety test now. You'll learn some of the more effective ways to control anxiety and possibly cure it forever.

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Author: Micah Abraham, BSc Psychology, last updated Sep 28, 2017.

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