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How to Keep Anxiety From Constraining Your Voice

Micah Abraham, BSc
How to Keep Anxiety From Constraining Your Voice

Many people find that their anxiety stops them from speaking in public. Anxiety is very constraining, because it makes people more worried about the outcome of their thoughts than they need to be.

When anxiety constraints your voice it can be a problem socially, professionally, and personally. That's why you need to make sure that you learn the proper tips to ensuring that you can speak in public.

Causes of Constraining Voice

Constrained voice is by definition the inability to get yourself to talk. While not always anxiety related, some people find that anxiety makes them feel like it's impossible to give their thoughts or share their opinion, and this type of shyness is known as "self-constraining."

There are many different causes staying silent as a result of anxiety. If you have an anxiety disorder, this is actually a very common symptom because anxiety can create negative emotions that make wanting to speak up more difficult. 

Most of the time this type of shyness comes from various negative and problematic thought processes from anxiety. These include:

This is at the heart of every fear of public speaking, and affects people during meetings, when out with friends, at events, and more.

It's also a self-sustaining fear, which is another problem that comes from anxiety. Once you've had this fear, you'll often find that you reinforce it. It's a common problem in many types of anxiety, and comes from basic behavioral principles:

Similarly, every once in a while someone that is generally very shy will still venture out. This similarly can create a cycle of fear:

These types of cycles are major issues with many different types of anxiety, particularly as they relate to social settings and phobias.

How to Overcome Constrained Voice

Overcoming this fear is a process, and something that will take longer than overnight to cure. It also takes commitment, because it's easy to fall back into your old habits and undo any of the gains you've made. Some tips to overcome this issue include:

You're also going to need to learn to control your overall anxiety, because anxiety will always bleed into your life if you don't learn how to keep it under control.

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