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Anxiety Fatigue and How it Affects Modern Living

Sally-Anne Soameson, Psychiatrist
Anxiety Fatigue and How it Affects Modern Living

Fatigue is a symptom of anxiety that can keep you from fulfilling the expectations that you have of yourself, and from meeting the expectations that the modern world has of you. Problems in your personal life, social life, and career are a common result of anxiety fatigue. The following article will describe the difficulties anxiety fatigue may be causing in your life and what you can do to overcome it.

Causes of Anxiety Fatigue

Fatigue from anxiety is often difficult to understand. It happens after prolonged anxiety, such as an anxiety attack or a situation that causes significant stress. It is a common symptom of almost every type of anxiety, even though in some ways anxiety keeps you awake. 

What is interesting is that the exact link between anxiety and fatigue is not well known. Most likely, fatigue is caused simply as a result of your brain feeling overwhelmed and burdened. Do not forget that anxiety affects your brain, your neurotransmitters, your hormones, your muscles, and even your nutrition.Therefore,the onset of fatigue is a result of the brain trying to rest after long periods of anxiety, 

How Anxiety Fatigue May Be Affecting Your Life

The physical manifestations of fatigue such as impaired memory and concentration, slower mental processes, apathy, drowsiness, and weakness, can be a significant burden when trying to cope with the challenges of modern day living such as those listed below.

Being fatigued due to anxiety in the busy and often stressful modern world is likely to cause you social, personal and occupational problems that result in more stress. It is important to stop the cycle before it starts, which you can do by decreasing your anxiety using the tips below.

How to Overcome Anxiety Fatigue

These tips for overcoming anxiety fatigue and the problems it causes will help you to keep your life in balance even when you are feeling off-balance yourself.

When you are careful with yourself and with those around you, you can decrease the amount of additional anxiety your anxiety fatigue may be causing you. In turn, this can help you to reduce your fatigue and make you feel more like yourself again. Staying in a positive frame of mind, maintaining your relationships with friends and family, and doing well at work are all crucial steps towards decreasing your overall anxiety levels and leading the calm and balanced life you want to live.

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