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Can Anxiety Affect Your Throat?

Wendy M Yoder, Ph.D.
Can Anxiety Affect Your Throat?

Anxiety can cause many symptoms that mimic other illnesses, and one such symptom is a sore throat. Sore throats are usually a warning sign of an illness, which is why any and all sore throats should be checked out by a doctor just in case. But they may also be a secondary symptom of anxiety, and the natural reaction that people have to anxiety disorders.

Sore Throat is a Secondary Anxiety Symptom

Many people report that their anxiety directly causes a sore throat. This is possible, but fairly rare. Sore throat is better described as a "secondary" anxiety symptom. Secondary symptoms are physical issues that occur because of another anxiety symptom, not because of the initial anxiety.

But the best way to understand an anxiety sore throat is to recognize that some anxiety symptoms cause responses that lead to new symptoms. For example:

These are just some examples of the relationship between anxiety and a sore throat. What's clear here is that sore throat is common in those with anxiety, but it's not necessarily the initial anxiety symptoms causing the sore throat. Rather, it's the reaction to those symptoms that are causing it.

How to Naturally Stop the Sore Throat From Anxiety

Because sore throat is a secondary symptom, controlling it involves controlling the primary symptoms. If you're mouth breathing too much, for example, try to breathe through your nose and drink some water to soothe your throat. If you have allergies, consider allergy medications or look for ways to decrease the amount of allergens in your home.

Anything that soothes the throat can be valuable too. There are several warm teas that can help with a sore throat, and many people find that gargling salt water can be beneficial as well. Cough drops may help, along with anything that has peppermint.

Finally, once your sore throat is better under your control, you'll need to start taking steps to reduce your overall anxiety.

I've helped hundreds of those suffering from a sore throat and anxiety stop their anxiety forever.

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