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Most people think of anxiety as a terrible enemy. It doesn’t have to be. Anxiety is a normal part of life, and it’s a vital part of your survival. You actually need some anxiety to perform efficiently. The problem isn't anxiety. The problem is when anxiety gets out of control ...

That's when you have an anxiety disorder. Diagnosis of an anxiety disorder means you have problems dealing with stress and pressure. You may be ashamed of it, but you really shouldn’t be: as many as 15% of the population suffers from anxiety.  Along with depression, anxiety disorders are the most common and widespread psychological conditions. There are more people than you imagine who can relate with your predicament.

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In this website, you will find all the information you need to start managing your anxiety, completely free. There is plenty of information here that will make a positive impact on your life, provided you read it and use it. Make sure to bookmark this website for future reference.

Learn About Anxiety Disorders...

Signs & Symptoms of Anxiety Learn about the most common symptoms and signs of anxiety and what forms they come in.
Generalized Anxiety Disorder Find out what the disorder is all about and its common characteristics.
Anxiety Treatment What options for treatment are available?
Anxiety Causes What might have caused your anxiety? Could you have prevented it?
Anxiety Drugs & Medications Commonly used types of medications for panic and anxiety disorders.
Panic Disorder Panic only becomes a "disorder" when it matches several important requirements
Panic Disorder Causes Article talking about possible panic disorder causes.

Where to Start?

Help For Your Anxiety START HERE
"I Can't Take It Anymore!" Read this if it's getting completely out of hand.
Coping With Anxiety Strategies for coping with anxiety.
Eliminate Stimulants - Reduce Anxiety Probably the simplest thing you can do that WILL have an impact.
Destructive Anxiety Habits Eliminating these habits will help you reduce your anxiousness.

More Things to Consider

Relaxation for Anxiety Learning relaxation techniques is an important skill that will aid you in your recovery.
Breathing Techniques for Anxiety Specific techniques for anxious moments.
Improving Your Inner Dialog The way we speak in our head can either help us... or hurt us. Read this article to find out more.
Desensitization for Anxiety A common sense technique used to gradually get you better.
Anxiety Visualization Techniques Things to visualize to get better (and how).
How to Manage Anxiety It’s all about building a toolkit that you can rely on when things get tough.
Optimal Anxiety Diet Diet *does* affect how you feel. There are foods that both fuel and reduce anxiety. Read this article to find out more.
Natural & Herbal Anxiety Relief Proven natural & herbal options that help reduce anxiety.

Specific Issues...

Anxiety Attacks What is an anxiety attack? Is it different from panic attacks?
Stress & Anxiety The link between anxiety and stress.
Panic Attacks Learn what panic attacks are and their symptoms.
Depression & Anxiety Depression is diagnosed in a *lot* of anxiety sufferers. Learn why here.
Anxiety & IBS Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a very common problem anxiety sufferers are prone to develop.
Anxiety & Public Speaking Here are some tips on how to manage anxiety when you have to deliver a presentation or speech in public.
Specific Anxiety Fears & Recurring Thoughts An overview of the most common fears and recurring thought patterns anxiety sufferers tend to gravitate towards.
Getting Off Medication Medication helps in fighting anxiety. However, the goal should be not to "stay healed" by taking medications, but rather to use medications as a temporary aid while learning how to cope with anxiety the natural way.

Specific Conditions

Social Anxiety or Social Phobia When does social anxiety become a disorder?
Agoraphobia Learn what agoraphobia is and why it usually comes with panic attacks.
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) A hugely debilitating anxiety disorder that haunts millions of people.
Post Traumatic Stress Disoder (PTSD) When a specific traumatic event has taken hold of your present and future, what can you do?
Phobias Learn about the specific fears that ruin the lives of millions of anxiety sufferers.
Separation Anxiety Disorder Differentiating separation anxiety from separation anxiety disorder in children.

This website was created with the anxiety sufferer in mind, so please read through the articles, find some tips that are new to you and test them out!

We make sure that the information contain here is going to help you in your fight against anxiety.